Snow camping sex

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If you have skis or snowshoes, that means tramping around hard until all the snow is packed.

If you’re shod only in boots this will take some time, but if you don’t do this, you run the risk of stepping into a soft bit of snow in your tent and tearing the floor.

Wear a Fireproof Shell If you are going to build campfires, either for the sake of cooking, warmth, or morale, make sure that your outer layer of clothing is less likely to end up ruined if struck by an errant ember.

Wool is one of the best, most fire-resistant natural materials and is great for this.

Snowflakes often form around small bits of dust (nucleation sites) which can be bacteria or viruses floating in the upper atmosphere.

Keep a cheap spare, or be prepared for frostbite or a foreshortened trip. Being cold can cause you to want to urinate more frequently, and we all know how inconvenient it is to disrobe and undo your sleeping bag at 0 degrees F.

For women, I highly recommend looking into the various accessories that allow you to pee whilst standing, and for both genders a WELL-MARKED pee bottle will keep you warm and simplify your nightly continence.

Despite this, a towel for scraping off condensation is always welcome.

Embrace Lithium Use lithium batteries in all your winter electronics.

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