Pre war gibson mastertone banjo dating

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The knowledge and experience you have in the world of Prewar Gibson Banjos is absolutely amazing!

There is one question that I failed to ask that I was hoping you could answer for me.

My L5 model has a serial #96751, which is just 4 digits away from this ES300 model. Letter F is stamped on all 1940 FON of all 1940 models.

This ES300 missing its stamped FON inside its body, but they are so close in serial #'s one may deduce they were made about the same time (although one was made electric and the other acoustic).

Thus, by 1941, the alnico pickup was shortened and installed into the all new ES300 version which was made until 1943. Interestingly a litter-mate, ES-300 (serial #96748) was shipped along with it and is noted as a "left-handed model." This model was evidently damaged (possibly in shipment) and was returned to the factory for repairs.

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Thanks again to you and your wife for your genuine hospitality! What a great host, and generous man to share his knowledge; especially to let us all in to his “vault”, and get to see, and handle these exceptional banjos. Jim was an incredibly gracious host, a passionate and informative lecturer/story teller/historian and a great friend. ” Daniel Varadi – Seattle, Washington “This seminar was not only extraordinary, but with the chance to play the African Queen no-hole RB-3, the Snuffy Smith RB-4, and the Mack Crow RB-75 and it was off the charts.” Barnet Malin – Santa Monica, California “…What an experience!

The photos on this page show the raised diamond motif tailpiece that was so common to the ES-300 and L7 in the early 1940's. #96747 puts this model just 147 digits off of a 1940 model according to serial # specs.

If you view the photo above, the ad is the ES-300's short appearance in 1940's Supplement to Catalog AA. To view all of the photos of this tailpiece, click Tailpiece ES-300 vs. Like I had found to be true with my 1940/'41 L5, can be found factual about the true date of this model.

The new electric ES300 model made its debut, along with several other electrics, in July 1940, at The Chicago Musical Trade Show.

It made its first short-lived appearance in the 1940 Supplement to Catalog AA.

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