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Samsara and Alien are darker heavier than the rest and probably leaning towards oriental genre more ...Sillage and longevity for Samsara is unmatched it stays on my skin for more than 24 hours nothing can beat this ..The initial beginning is a little bit scratchy and smoky. Don’t overdose this fragrance because it might be too cloying. Now I get a large decanted sample and can apply it sparingly (even walking through the spray was still too much). My favorite sandalwood frag ever, glad I can still wear it.It’s not necessary to overspray this potent perfume. Samsara reminds me of Alien, I guess it is the jasmine sambac combined with amber in both.. however there are times that I reach for this and miss it.He wanted to give her the perfume that would be hers only, that will embody her inner world and unique sensuality.

The nose behind this fragrance is Jean-Paul Guerlain. I have a sandalwood candle that smells exactly the same.

I prefer the red urn like container that holds this juice. The EDP is a warm, creamy sandalwood incense--woody with a tempered sweetness. Samsara is a perfume but also a turning point for French house Guerlain that marked a quiet but fateful transition from lonely perfume making in a private perfumist lab to unison cooperation with marketing and global markets experts in 1989.

It’s just so fitting for Samsara I couldn’t imagine it in anything else. It is round and deep and strong, it leaves a trail without being headache inducing. I enjoy wearing Samsara mostly before going to bed, the fragrance relaxes me, helping me reflect while firing up my imagination. It all started in the 1980s when oriental perfumes dominated the market.

I enjoy a perfume I can smell all day and this one despite my sinus I continue to smell myself while wearing it at all times this quality is rare however i failed to layer it with anything else to lighten its effect !

any other perfume evaporates and this one sticks to my skin !! To me it doesn’t seem like a late 80’s scent to me it seems quite current. I have to say it’s one of the few scents where I can identify the notes but they blend so well.

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