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Most kidney stones are composed of calcium oxalate.

If you have a history of kidney stones, it is best to limit foods that are high in oxalic acid.

Glory Foods offers a wide variety of options for Collard Greens.

From those who like to make their Collard Greens from scratch with our Fresh Collard Greens to those who like to save some time with our Canned Collard Greens, Glory Foods wants to give you everything you'll need to make that perfect family meal.

Collard Greens are also a good source of protein and posses several anticancer properties. One cup of Collard Greens contains about 1 gram of fiber.

A simple rule to follow is to measure out your servings in cups so that you will know exactly how many grams of fiber you’re getting.

First, you will want to take this meat and add to a large pot of water.Ancient Greeks and Romans grew Collard Greens along with Kale and it is thought that either the Romans or the Celts brought Collard Greens to France and Great Britain in the early 4th Century, B. In America, Collard Greens were not seen until the 1600s upon the arrival of ships from Africa.It was the slaves that truly turned Collard Greens into a Southern tradition in the states, cooking it with ham hock and beginning the tradition of drinking the leftover juices or “pot likker” after all of the greens were consumed from the pot.Fresh Collard Greens take a bit longer to prepare but that homemade taste is always worth the effort.The first step to cooking fresh collards is gathering the additional ingredients.

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