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A kingdom's ruling faction sends out a secret agent to find the kingdom's missing prince.

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Through sheer stubbornness (and the fact that Sei-kun made a very, very bad hooker), Sei ends up working for Bud, and there's instant attraction.

He invites Naruse inside his home to dry off, but soon regrets his own actions.

Usually, he would never have let a stranger inside, but the young man looked so much like his past love...

Kusehara then insists that Taira 'take responsibility' and starts to enact various perverted things to him every day! Tookute Chikai Ki ni naru Aitsu (So Close Yet So Far But I'm Interested in Him) 7.

5-6) Sore mo Yappari Ai no Tame Ibuki and Kazoumi are childhood friends and they live together since Kazoumi's parents left the country to take care of overseas business arrangements and because Kazoumi's father and Ibuki's father are friends. Midara na Koe wo Kikasete yo♡(Let Me Hear Your Lewd Voice♡) 8.

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