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They were spotted wearing couple outfits with black shirts and caps.

Regarding the report, Kang’s label made an official statement for clarification, saying: “It is true that he met up with IU, but they are not in a romantic relationship.

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I can see your smiling face every time I am closingy eyes. You're one of the few whom I can say you just don't have a really good looking face, but you have that great talent in acting as well! I do not know why Uncontrollably Fond is not receiving high ratings. Uncontrollably Fond has taken me on quite the emotional roller coaster, but one I have thoroughly enjoyed! Kim you are the best actor I saw in all korean drama, I loved korean drama just because of you, Really you're professional in all roles. I wonder, why can't you meet boys like these in school these days or on the streets? i only watched you in the "heirs" drama though your character is bad at first but still i like your acting. I love dramas where the bad boy suddenly falls in love with a good girl and that's exactly him❤️ I really want him to be as the main role on a dramas that is exactly like the heirs but he has to get the girl tho Kim Woo Bin somehow reminds me some of japanese young actors who do not need to star in the high rating, box office, or even being in lead role in order to prove his acting skill. He seems like those " want to know all about you" kinds. The beginning I like oppa woo bin because oppa entered in my dreams. I really hope I can meet with oppa, at least at a distance of 10 meters from my eyes to the eye oppa. I love you so much, they say each one sees perfection in different views, well you're my perfection ! I do like your character in that series it shows how witty you are!!!! I really admire you, now your my inspiration in my studies, well i`m now a college student taking up BS PSYCHOLOGY... saranghamnida, first time I watch your drama which is THE HEIRS you make my day more colorful.. Kim Woo Bin ssi, I can't say how much I love you ^ ^ , I wish I have an opportunity to meet you someday. Soon after, he also did a role in "To The Beautiful You".IU and Lee Jun Ki do appear close, however, I don't think it's due to Jang Kiha's breakup."Back on January 7, Lee Jun Ki revealed that he attended IU's concert in Hong Kong through his Instagram page, which IU followed on January 9 confirming she had gone to Lee Jun Ki's fan meeting, with a photo. They both made a mutual decision to go separate ways. If fate brings them back in their future, so be it. I doubt if either one of them losing any sleep over their decision. Aat that point, I didn't know who IU was, but after watching her drama, I did research on her and found out she was dating.I did support her relationship with Jang Kiha but I am glad they are still friends.It looks like the email we have in your account is invalid. I assume their electric on-screen chemistry helped add fuel to the flames, but our pretend couple will forever stay in our dreams.The 34 year-old star set the record straight with an official statement from his agency today.

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