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Although it's my signature and can't stop coming back to it I've always been disappointed about lifespan as the the opener is so good it is a shame this lasts on the nose for 10-20 mins max. Salty seaweed and lavender take over, with woody patchouli defining the drydown.

You know it's still there but the nose doesn't pick it up in the same way. Interesting, but I can't imagine when I would want to smell like seaweed.

I know it's not a fake because I bought a small 0.17oz sample.

(2 sprays) Longevity: 9/10 Silage: 8/10 Overall: 9/10 Fragrance -Aqva Pour Homme Bvlgari Bottle from - 2014 Aqva Pour Homme reminds me of walking on the island coast just after the storm,with peace in my heart and soul. Courtesy to a seaweed note, Aqva Pour Homme is more salty,green,herbal,complex and deep,than the ordinary aquatic-citrus scents.

The skinscent you're left with is exsquisite on this frag which I've taken as being vetiver with this blue marine edge to it - amazing that I get this after a full day and a swim - it's still there! There may be times that this wont fit a formal occasion. The only time I could imagine this scent being desirable is perhaps a beach rave in Ibiza.

(Slightly confused though as no Vetiver on the notes.I wrong on this? But then again, who goes to formal occasion everyday? This is not a fragrance to blind buy, and is NOT an office safe choice. Performance is nothing special, maybe 4-5 hours at most.

Not every body's cup of tee but for sure it is a sophesticated aquaitc. Opens fresh marine, woodsy, sweet, fresh and has an 'energy' about it.

Projection and longevity are week compared to Marine and Amara (which is unique and beast) but the original aqva transforms much better and goes deeper into dark oceans as it dries down. There's also a dark blue metallic inky streak that I can't put my finger on - maybe it's this posidonia....? Opens with a nice blast of citrus that almost immediately dissipates.

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